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Kamis, 18 Agustus 2016

Summer is coming!

y'ello folks! it's been so long i didn't write about good things happened to me lately ,
perhaps i was too busy writing sad stories about myself then lamented and it felt like getting a huge punch on my nose .

August will be over soon, then september, then october, then november, then december, then voila 2017!
dayum, time flies so fast.
so many things happened in 2016, yer, i had still carried some baggage from the past, but let me clear all of them.

it's like usual days, you are having good and bad times, met some morons, earned some extra money, but I feel so contented I have traveled to several countries so far for study and spent at least 2 weeks and made friend with some amazing people whom taught me about many things.

Though I took 3 years to finish my master.. yeah because I am lazy and big procrastinator , Thanks to Allah SWT, I got almost straight A's for all subjects, which somehow I almost don't believe in myself ... gosh, what the heck was I doing? LOL

I have been learning French for a year and half and now I am at pre-intermediate level! car rien ne gratuit dans la vie :) I am the laziest person in the class yet I got 'yeahprettysatisfying' score for my french. Je suis hereuse! I still need 2 more years to complete my lesson and master it since I know it's very beneficial for my future endeavors. 

what else... I made my first trip together along with my bestfriends to Solo, a lovely city close to Yogyakarta. It was a short trip but very meaningful for us and we really want to repeat it, hahaha we got a plan to visit Singapore or Tokyo together but we'll see.

Everyone loves my cooking! i never know it if I could cook sorta food this great *ahem*, I invited some friends to my house and I cooked some food for them and they liked it! some of my friends also started to create some culinary business and hell they cook better than me hahaha I should learn from them, 

I've already spent almost 70 dollars purchasing some 'rare' books: Orwell, Camus, Sartre, and Zizek!!! I am do happy I could find many books about those amazing authors (in INDONESIAN translation!), and this is summer , you will know what I am mostly likely doing: reading books, writing some stories about my traveling journey (I will post it asap, wait for it :D) or .... if I am very lazy, I'd probably be watching some movies.

Anyway, Happy Summer! Bon L'Été a tous!

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