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Minggu, 18 Juni 2017

The story of a lonely blonde guy in HCMC

Y'ello folks!
It's almost 7 days to go to Eid Mubarak in 2017, Alhamdulillah I still do my fasting even though the weather is super hawt and I so want to eat ice cream in the mid of the day *no no, tak boleh!*
and now exactly at 11 pm, I am having this random thought about people or strangers whom I met during my travel. Some are my friend's friends, some are my friend's relatives, and some of them are totally stranger I met: on the train, on the plane, in the bus, on the road, etc.

I once told a brief story about meeting up with two strangers on a flight to Perth, one is a cute nerd Frenchie guy who studied Biology and the other one was an old guy whom suggested me to visit Mandurah (and I did!), and there are other rest I will talk about them later but for this chapter I will talk about a guy whom I met in the bus in Ho Chi Minh.

The story of a lonely blonde guy.

It was in February 2016, I visited HCMC with Rosita and we booked two tickets to Cu Chi Tunnel. We booked it in our travel agent in the ho(s)tel we stayed, pretty cheap for both of us as we were excited to join the tour to the post-vietnam war caves/tunnels!

At 7am in the morning, I wore my blue tank top and hot pants and ready to catch the bus. Rosita was prepared too, as she always wore her sneakers, and I forgot to bring my sneakers so I only wore my oxford shoes. Yes, oxford shoes. Rather too fancy to wear to have some adventure in Cu Chi Tunnel. While we were waiting for our bus, I was with two other German fellows whom I thought they would go to the tunnel as well, then nope, their destination was Hanoi (they took 16 hours van to Hanoi, crazy enough!).

Rosita and I were called by the bus driver then we hopped on. I didn't like to sit in the back so I sat in the second front row. Behind me, there was a skinny blonde guy, with glasses, looked like a nerd then smiled at me. I just smiled back, I didn't want to open the conversation as I was shy, so I'd better quiet. This blonde guy behind me seemed relax and alone and no one accompanied him whatsoever then I rather pitied. 

I looked outside the window, there were some other buses, passing by, and some random white guy looked at the opposite side and waved his hand and smiled at me. what? This Vietnam vibe probably a bit... in the mood for lust, hahha everyone seemed like in the mood to chuckle and flirt :p (or perhaps, being friendly?). Ten mins later, the guide, a young Vietnamese boy introduced himself and gave us instructions what to do's and dont's during our trip, and suddenly another guy jumped to our bus and sat close to this blonde guy, but he seemed reluctant as he saw a girl next to my seat sitting alone and he rather sat with that girl (oh boy is always be boy). I don't know why I was not that interested to his attitude but I admired a bit of his puzzle piece tattoo on his ankle (now you know how observant I am). When I was observing him (like a creep), he looked back at me and said, "Hi, good morning!" and I just replied, "good."

For about 20 minutes on the road, our bus stopped and five old couples jumped onto it. The funny thing is, the guide was kinda worried about the condition of the old couples so he asked us to move our seat, the blonde guy sat closed to the driver (he sat in the small and fragile seat) then Rosita and I moved to the back. We met with two girls, Jemma from Australia and Stacy from Phillipines. We talked a bit and mostly I was sleeping during the journey. We stopped in some craft shop and I was looking around a bit, but mostly I just needed the toilet. Our bus didn't start to move as we waited for one person whom hadn't entered our bus yet, and 15 minutes later.. there was that lonely blonde guy whom was the person! hahaha, he strolled very calmly and very innocent as he came into the bus. He'd not brought anything, just himself and small waist bag.

Finally, we arrived at Cu Chi Tunnel.

I jumped out from the bus and gave my high five to Rosita as somebody called me, "Hey, where are you from?"

I turned my head and it was that blonde guy who called me, "Oh I am from Indonesia, and you?"

"Oh Indonesia, I thought you were from Iran, haha. I am from Belarus"

"Belarus? Minsk?"

"Hey yeah, how do you know?"
"I am just guessing."

"and... Jakarta?"

"Nope, Surabaya. My name is Vera."



"Hahaha, no, not that one" , he laughed and we had the friendly handshake .

Minggu, 14 Mei 2017

Off We Go to HCMC : prelude

Y'ello folks!
long time no see (who wants to see your blog, anyway? you are talking to yourself!)
ahahah yer, whatever!
It's been a long time since I wrote my last story when I was in Japon, I even didn't continue the story in Nara part 2! well, I should do it but hmm perhaps not today as I want to write about my journey in Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam :D

Super crowded place, though I am a typical of big city girl, I was once scared when I explored the whole HCMC, like seriously dude, motorcycles there are very agrressive hahaha, but I like it though!
My trip in HCMC was pretty short, only 4 days, as I wanted short escape from Phnom Penh after doing a conference there. I super really want to visit Ha long Bay actually, but yeaaaah because I need to take longeer bus or plane tickets to go there, and I am only a student, so I decided to take the cheaper bus from Phnom Penh.

I woke up in earlyyy in the morning and waited for the pick-up service I already booked with my friend Rosita, a day prior. I paid USD15 including the pick-up service. They promised me to pick me up at 6 am in the morning, and I am a very punctual person (ahem!) so I was standing in front of our hostel waiting for the pick-up service.

6.10.... nothing

6.20.... still nothing

and 5 minutes later, a big limousin bus approached our hotel. I was happy, yay!
the driver got out from the bus and asked my receipt then I gave them but he said "No, not you"
I mean, like what?
He then came into the hostel and 5 minutes later he came out with two european couples. BUAHHAHAHA, okay so not this great limousin bus. I thought I was that exclusive so they needed to pick me up with a nice limousin bus.

short after that, a tuk-tuk driver approached us and he asked us if we were going to HCMC bus, with bad english.
"You? tuk tuk?"

well.. I didn't understand what he said so I answered, "No, I am not Tuktuk"
he was confused again then he said, "Ho chi minh! ho chi minh!"
great, we were picked up by a tuk-tuk! not bad!

So we went to the bus station at 6.40 or something, he drove very fast, as our bus was actually at 7 am, and we assumed that he overslept so that's why he was kinda late to pick up us and WE GOT LOST to the wrong bus station. HAHAHA, nice. we arrived at the correct bus station at 7.20, the bus driver was kinda patient as we were the last one who jumped in!
Thanks sir :D
So here we go, our 6-hour-trip to HCMC began.

I kinda expected that my bus would be full of foreign travelers so we could exchange stories and probably do the spontaneous trip with them. BUT NOT AGAIN, the bus was full of Cambodian people or Viatnemese perhaps, as we were the only foreigners from Indonesia, :D the bus was super comfy and we enjoyed the trip, the bus driver played some original Khmer or Viatnamese songs which were very ear-catchy! I danced on the seat, a bit, as the music offered you a dance-feeling tune.
We were sleepy, then we ate our snacks we bought from seven eleven last night. I really enjoyed the scenery, the long way scenery, kinda different with what I usually have in Java, Indonesia. Similar but a slight different.
The one thing I like was, before we crossed the border between Cambodia and Vietnam, we passed through some 'casino areas' and we thought we were in Las Vegas. Super different what we had in Phnom penh, this area was pretty 'colorful' with big hotels and casinos.So, I searched on internet and found the location is called Bavet . You can click on to get to know what it is.

Then, the bus stopped for awhile, at some restaurant, we were hungry as hell, but we were hesitating about the meal and we kinda didn't have any dollars left :p So we just took a deep breath and said bye bye to the food. As the bus started to hit the road, we were asked by the co-bus driver what kind of food we ate, we said none since we didn't have money, and he said, "the food was free".


As we entered the border, Rosita and I were the only persons who jumped out the bus to do some check, immigration in the border was not that fancy, but pretty calm and I  liked it, no rushy-rushy and less people. The immigration officer spent time to look at my passport, checked my face again, checked the passport, and asked me what will I do in Vietnam, I said, hm holiday. So he smiled at me and said that I needed to do some re-check on my baggage again. HAHAHHA, cheeky!

Then yay, we were in Ho chi minh! stamped!
Which the city was totally different what we had in Phnom penh, super lively, and cheerful and we found starbucks!!! AHAHHAAH, you capitalist pig!
We arrived safely in Pham Ngu Lao, the similar Khaosan Road in Thailand, where the backpackers stay or average students like us stay with two big suitcases . hahaha (how could you consider yourself as a backpacker when you traveled with suitcase?)

In my opinion, I like Pham Ngu Lao better than Khaosan Road, don't ask me why but next to our hotel there was a park (I didn't really know the name, something like September park or whatever), and very nice view to just being lazy and judging people passing by :p
Because we were damn hungry so we walked along Pham Ngu Lao to find some famous Pho, I made some brief research that don't buy a Bo Pho as it is pork and I don't eat pig, (maybe because you are the capitalist pig, eh Vera?).

One of The best food in the world

I had some interesting discussion with Rosita, how to consider this food is halal food or not, hmm pretty rough discussion along the street and we also had to fight the traffic! 

I still remember when she said, 
"No, Vera, I can prove you that our food we eat in Indonesia is 100% halal!"
"Like how?"
"I can show you the butchery places close to my home!"
"So you think those butchers distribute the meat in our whole city?"
"We can do some research about that!"

I know this somehow led to some unnecessary arguments

But it was less tense after we found some veggies food! See?! good food brought you some good mood and everyone was happy as the pho was super delicious and spicy!!!


It was already at 4pm and we just walked aimlessly to just sightseeing and did some random trivial things between us.

Rosita and The Park

Them People

PS. I really like taking pictures of people in the street, or local people there instead of taking pictures of myself. Local people are the example of reality, endearment, a very original part of what we are facing now. Then, it always brings a long flashback memory what I have done there when I see the pictures.

Minggu, 23 Oktober 2016

The Journey of Simplicity: Nara (part 1)

October is almost leaving ,
Then November is gonna be raining.

I just realised that I haven't touched this blog for more than a month. Well, I was in Japan for 2 weeks and tried to enjoy my autumn experiences there. I went to Japan for a week workshop in a place called Kitakyushu, a small island in the south - close to Fukuoka and 7 hours from Osaka. I will tell you later about my story in Kyushu . But now I am going to share my first solo traveling (well, it's not really that solo, it was a sorta runaway) to Nara.

To be honest, I didn't really enjoy my trip in Japan, almost a week full of workshop, several troubles I had because of bollocks stuff I didn't expect. I stayed there from late September until early October, and I spent a week to explore Kansai province: Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara. Though I know that there are other prefectures I wish I could visit them all, then see, so many things to do and yet so little time. I had wasted 4 days prior to a trash, I didn't really have fun. Though I was happy and grateful that I got a chance to visit and explore Japan. I don't know what happened to me lately, wish I could do many things alone and felt the autumn breeze in Japan. So, I ran away. I was a bit in doubt when I told my friends that I really did want me time; I still woke up late on Friday, and met my friends in the hostel lounge. I convinced them I would be alright, they didn't have to come along, yer they said that they still did not have any plans what they were gonna do on that day. 

I took a quick shower, put my leather jacket on and took the train, to Nara.

I was never really interested going to Japan before. Despite its awesome cakes and delicate dishes, to be honest , Japan was not on my list. But who knew about the future ahead? *smirk. My brother used to live in Osaka for almost 3 years and I got used to have many presents from Japan every time he came back home: play station, shirt, toys, books, dorayaki, chocolates and of course, stories. He told me he really loves Nara, a small place located in Japan, I could tell that is touristic place, but he said, it would amaze you by its simplicity, its ancient, its old smell oaks, its silent. I dared myself to visit there, well Okay, this could be my quality time, and I should indulge my own very self. 

He was right.

Nara's weather is so uncanny, I love it. I told you before that there is a small place called Mandurah (click here for a glimpse story) in Western Australia that I loved the most. Nara is at the same level with Mandurah: small, thoughtful, calm. You don't know why you admire things, somehow, a little thing which looks very normal could make you experience the curious feeling.

because, it is the feeling you can't deny. As I got when I first stepped my feet there, I told you again, Nara is such a solace. 

Whether I was right or not, there was a glance thought that probably I always like something that is simple (or probably every body does like simple stuff, somehow). I enjoyed every single moment I spent alone on train, which was not similar to my journey when I was on trip to Kyoto. The train was not so crowded, it passed through small forest and bridges, rivers, and I still remember I passed  some stations called Oji, and some towns with "-Chi" at the end (hahahah I am getting older baby, it's hard to recall the names). I sat alone , I read a bit on train but I put it off as I mesmerized by the nature of Japan.

You know, sometimes you didn't have to share beautiful things with someone. Just keep it for yourself. Make it your own unshared belonging. You can tell anyone later if you want to but they would not see what you have seen. That's the best selfish act you would have ever done. 


Back to Nara station, I checked my purse and I talked to a guide there what places I should visit (It is common in Japan in which they provide several guides who speak Mandarin, Korean and English - even when in the station or bus'/train announcement as well). Then, she gave me the map, I told her I had no idea where I should go except Naramachi, a strange name I googled a day prior, and it is described as "preserved village" in Nara. She suggested that I should go to bla bla, seeing the deer, seeing the temples, and seeing bla bla bla . She offered a one-day-pass bus ticket but I ignored (I was stupid, you should take it if you wanted to explore more, worth in value). 

My boots were a bit slippery so it was so annoying to walk on them. That's why, I sauntered to the bus stop for tourists, a yellow bus, a Loop bus that will go in circle around Nara. I stepped on and gave the driver 210 Yen to go to terminal 5, Nara Park, which I could walk for 20 minutes instead.  It only took 10 mins by bus to take me to Nara Park and many deer already greeted me there. 

Happiness, Is it?

It was so delightful! a truly peaceful spot with squealing deer. Hahaha
Bambinas were pretty timid unless you gave them crackers, and be careful of meese or goat-deer or Illama (?) -hell yeah I don't know those names- because sometimes they are too aggressive especially with girls :) . You could see the deer master who is in charge to feed them. Well basically, deer there eat almost everything: your crackers, your chocolates, your cake or even you if you smell like biscuits. I didn't buy the crackers, I wanted to attract the deer with my heart and they seemed so ignorant (oh deer! why aren't you 'endeering?') . It didn't need any second to be frolicking with the deer, captured some pictures of them, had a lame selfie (because they never looked at my camera), or just watched people passing by. I saw other tourists, solo travelers perhaps, then smiled at them and pretending to send telepathic message to them , "let's have fun!" when they are a bit disturbed by those hyperactive squealing fellas. 

T'was sunny, that was super fantastic weather and accidentally, my phone captured this:

no filter at all

the sky tone in my hometown has a slight difference with the color tone in Nara.
another simple thing I am fond of: just looking up the sky then feeling the wind.

There is Nara national museum near it and I got 50% discount by showing off my student card : from 600 yen to 300 yen.
The museum itself is pretty astonishing, though it is full of statues and ancient Buddhist sculptures from Japanese, Chinese, and Korean royals in the past. We are not allowed to take any pictures inside it but I had snapped an insightful info :

You weren't even conceived yet, I bet

P.S. It was even better I could practice my French on the board.
After my exploring in the museum was done, I got out and bought Ice bread ice cream for 350 yen. Seemed like, two American guys (I suppose, I guessed it by their accent) were attracted to buy it as well when one of them stared at me eating Macha (green tea) ice cream gruesomely. He smiled at me and damn, actually, I was really shy when a cute guy smiled at me :o). 

Later on, I tried to offer it to little fella whom sat outside the park, as she didn't move his ass off.  However, as usual, some little are very ignorant. I was just tryin' to be nice to her but she gave me her cold-hearted refusal :(. Okay, pretty Bambi, this Macha cream is For Me only!

Lady Bambi ignored my offer

Then I continued my trip to Naramachi .

Kamis, 18 Agustus 2016

Summer is coming!

y'ello folks! it's been so long i didn't write about good things happened to me lately ,
perhaps i was too busy writing sad stories about myself then lamented and it felt like getting a huge punch on my nose .

August will be over soon, then september, then october, then november, then december, then voila 2017!
dayum, time flies so fast.
so many things happened in 2016, yer, i had still carried some baggage from the past, but let me clear all of them.

it's like usual days, you are having good and bad times, met some morons, earned some extra money, but I feel so contented I have traveled to several countries so far for study and spent at least 2 weeks and made friend with some amazing people whom taught me about many things.

Though I took 3 years to finish my master.. yeah because I am lazy and big procrastinator , Thanks to Allah SWT, I got almost straight A's for all subjects, which somehow I almost don't believe in myself ... gosh, what the heck was I doing? LOL

I have been learning French for a year and half and now I am at pre-intermediate level! car rien ne gratuit dans la vie :) I am the laziest person in the class yet I got 'yeahprettysatisfying' score for my french. Je suis hereuse! I still need 2 more years to complete my lesson and master it since I know it's very beneficial for my future endeavors. 

what else... I made my first trip together along with my bestfriends to Solo, a lovely city close to Yogyakarta. It was a short trip but very meaningful for us and we really want to repeat it, hahaha we got a plan to visit Singapore or Tokyo together but we'll see.

Everyone loves my cooking! i never know it if I could cook sorta food this great *ahem*, I invited some friends to my house and I cooked some food for them and they liked it! some of my friends also started to create some culinary business and hell they cook better than me hahaha I should learn from them, 

I've already spent almost 70 dollars purchasing some 'rare' books: Orwell, Camus, Sartre, and Zizek!!! I am do happy I could find many books about those amazing authors (in INDONESIAN translation!), and this is summer , you will know what I am mostly likely doing: reading books, writing some stories about my traveling journey (I will post it asap, wait for it :D) or .... if I am very lazy, I'd probably be watching some movies.

Anyway, Happy Summer! Bon L'Été a tous!

Sabtu, 02 Juli 2016

Phnom Penh Airport: Not Like What You Expected But Still...

FYI, I really wanted to visit Cambodia in 2015: Cambodia in my mind, well, I could say.

Then I got info about presenting some researches there and granted for a small fund that costed small budget return tickets.
I conducted a research about education with my partner, Rosita and brought our result there. We presented it in front of Cambodian people, most of them were teachers I guess. We did good, even some people asked us to take pictures with them. I basically don't like taking pictures with people I don't really know, yet I am not a white (stop talking like a Trump) but I was glad and a bit shy when I realised that many people asked us to take pics with them. You know, I felt like being a Kim Kardashian with small tits and I guess I am a little bit smarter than her *smirk*

Rosita and I traveled to Phnom Penh in February, it was a short flight from Kuala Lumpur (only 1.5 hours I suppose) and we were very exhausted after 10 hours walking and exploring Suria Mall and had some fun with old pals there.  First thing I noticed was the airport. Yes, The airport. I don't know how to say, but for a capital city it is very small and a bit messed up. There were some men who did the construction everywhere (guess, it was still in built-up mode) then since I was very sleepy so I walked to the wrong direction and got lost a little while to find the immigration. We asked the security there, and he helped us to the immigration. He couldn't speak English but he was very kind to direct us. It was 7 AM and the airport was very silent. Not so many people went there, compared to the busy bob Juanda airport in the second biggest city where I live.

I like the interior design inside the airport, surprisingly, it was very clean and simple. and I like the toilet HAHAHAHAHA. it was much cleaner than Juanda airport, well maybe because not so many people go there. 

The Immigration

My head was not ready to fill up the visa arrival form so I made a mistake when I wrote down my list. I was very sensitive with list, you know how frightening the Australian Immigration is. I wrote down all my list of belonging, and some old man told me, "just don't list anything, " and he chuckled at me. Well, I didnt know what he meant so I asked, "well, should I leave it blank?", and he said, "Yes".

I ripped my first visa arrival form then took another one from my bag (I asked the stewardess to give me two forms) and Rosita asked me if I had another one (she wanted to rip her visa form too, write a new one). I had none so she approached one of airport officers and asked for a visa form but she got scorned. Poor her! (why all people who work at immigration are very mean!!), then she just scratched her previous list and wrote a new one.

After that, we walked to the immigration line and our passport got stamped. well, then it was time for us to search for our luggage and suitcases then got checked before we leave the airport. I took my luggage and went to a guy whom I thought he would check our luggage. I gave him my visa form and passport also with my suitcase to be checked. 

He smiled. and said "No, you go."

I was baffled. "What?"

He smiled again. "you go"

I guess he couldn't speak any other english words.
"you don't check it?"

He smiled once again, "No" and he gave me the direction to the exit door.

"So, this is it?". I smiled to him and waved my hand to Rosita, "Let's find a taxi"

Minggu, 05 Juni 2016

Does IQ test measure our intelligence?

y'ello folks!

it's been pretty long time since my last writing, well okay let's shoot to the point,
why would I really want to discuss about it, 
we might know that's it pretty arguable and debatable. does our IQ test really measure our intelligence? interesting!

I still remember my first IQ test when I was 11, I got 100, they said I am pretty 'normal' kid, not too bright, not too stupid. a total average.
It was an official test at my junior high school, we needed to answer some kind of questions, mostly pictures. For me, who is very imaginative, I tend to look out from another perspective. I thought this test was ridiculous, and I was pretty reluctant to answer so I just chose the answer mostly without thinking.

My second test was when I was 16, it was when I was at high school, I got 114. Wow? did I evolve much? ahahaha. I don't know, maybe it was because hm...?I put more effort to answer the questions, gladly know several tricks: "answering the questions to please the examiners"

 was it considered as tricks? hm, i don't really know, I guess so. 

My genius bestfriends , most of them, got IQ results more than 120,
I got two best dudes who got 122 and 125, yer they are both geniuses at science and math. 
Honestly, I am not that good at Science and Math, well, I am suck at it.
I tried to search some names who got higher IQ, and most of them are scientists: Newton, Bill Gates, Edison. I found Obama, Bill Clinton, and Bush IQ tests , i am not sure if it's legit or not, all of them got more than 120. except Newton, he got 190.

This kind of talk, I ever asked to my ex-boyfriend raphael, I was pretty ashamed that I told him I only got 114 when I was 16, and he told me his latest IQ test was 131. He studied law and he was not suck at Math. He told me he was not that popular nerd kid at high school but I am kinda sure he was bright.

Then he told me,
"well, Vera, actually it was not really measure how smart you are in general. My first test when I was kid is 111, then I got 118, 120, and the latest was 131. do you think it really measures?"

I am pretty sure IQ test does pay an important role on how we use our logic, but remember we also get EQ, and I had some EQ test before and showed that I am a natural-born leader, but not like a benevolent dictator, but more or less a good decision maker and sensible. 

Could I be a good leader without having higher IQ like Newton or Obama? hm, let's see then. No one can assure our future yet.

Minggu, 22 Mei 2016


Do you know when you've lost something-like your favorite CD's or a set of keys (because you're too dumb to remember where you put it)-- and while you're looking for it, you come across something else you once missed but have long since forgotten?

Well, whatever it was, there was a point when you decided to stop searching, did actually decide to forget about it, maybe because it was no longer needed, or a new replacement was found. It is almost as it never existed in the first place, until that flash moment of rediscovery, you recognize those lost things again.

Everyone has one, an inventory of lost things waiting to be found. Yearning to be acknowledged for the worth they once held in your life.

I presume, this is where I belong. Among all your other lost things.
Like an old photograph pressed between the pages of a book. 
I hope you will find me and remember what I once meant to you.

Sabtu, 14 Mei 2016

a cup of bitter black coffee

"Without cafés and newspapers, it would be difficult to travel. Travel robs us of such refuge. we are completely on the surface of ourselves. But also, soul-sick, we restore to every being and every object its miraculous value. - Camus "

I never knew that the feeling came when you was standing still close to the building, waited for me.

I was nervous back then, it was our first meet-up, after a quite long 'separation'

A separated distance between you and I, Our bizarre "connection" and how easily I could trust you before I got to know you better.

I still remember when you wore that purple shirt, with your blonde hair and crooked smile.
You smiled at me and you said "Hey", and I said, "sorry, I was late" .
I was late because I had too much doubt, like what kind of outfit should I wear, Did I look pretty? 
I realized that it wasn't even a date but don't ask me why I felt in such a way.

Like any usual meeting, the first time I saw your blue eyes and noticed the way you talked (which was a bit uncanny, but in a good way) I listened to all your stories.

You even showed me your photobox picture that you took with your friends in January, nine months prior to your coming. I sipped a cup of coffee and you ordered a cup of hot tea. You were surprised when you knew I could stand for a bitter black coffee, Well, I thought you finally knew that I was a bit weird. I was astonished too, that we could chat much, as usual we did on the phone before you came. I felt the connection between us, I know it was strange. I was a little baffled too, was it something?

I bought you a box of patisseries, assuming that you were hungry when you went back in your hotel room near the airport. You said if I wanted to accompany you to move your "stuff" to your new apartment tomorrow. I said okay, I gladly to help you organizing your things for your new life here.

So, we spent the whole afternoon at the mall, we ate Udon, I dropped the chili powder and we laughed. Then we talked again with so many things I couldn't explain here all:  your hometown, your sister, your brothers, your nephew and niece, my friends, and sorta things about philosophical things in this capricious life.

I was afraid it was too fast, to pull you into my riddle mind, I was scared you wouldn't understand what I was blabbering about.

We went back home and I gave you my first hug. This palpable feeling that I couldn't describe, how it was that great to finally embrace you. 

I came to your new flat and you let me came into your door before you. You had already opened up your suitcase and barely tidied up your clothes.

I dated several guys before, you were the first guy who treated me like a "lady",  being a "ladies first", you even opened the taxi door for me, let me ate your drink and food first. Honestly, most guys didn't treat me like that on first date, strangely we didn't even on a date.  

Then, we laid on your bed, you laid on your bed with your feet stuck on the floor, so I said, "hey, this is your bed, just hop on here". You shook your head and chuckled, then I forced your feet to be on bed and finally you were next to me.

We made fun of people from the fifteenth floor, we laughed, we mocked, I even played your hair and our eyes met. Something was struck on my mind. I was mesmerized by your pale blue eyes which I was really fond of. We kissed. That was our first kiss and we both smiled. 

If you could say how it felt to kiss a new guy at the first time, it was like.. I don't know. Frightened, Elated, Ecstatic, I wanted to do it again but I was too ashamed, so I just said sorry. If you realized too that It felt so wrong, it felt so right.

You didn't say any words but smiled to me, and here came the silent. We stopped for a while and I could feel that your fingers touched my body. You embraced me, and I also did to you  like a little girl. We kissed again, and you eventually said words, "It feels so good". I presumed that my cheeks blushed red, and I couldn't even reply your statement. But I kissed you again.

Minggu, 06 Maret 2016

Being impulsive when travelling

Heyoo folks, 
apa kareba? hahaha kayakna barusan dua hari yang lalu saya nulis tentang pengalaman Jalan singkat using my transfer time di Kuala Lumpur. Kali ini mau nulis tentang general thing sih sebenenernya, akibat masih belum pengen nulis apa aja yang saya kunjungi di Cambodia dan Vietcong (ditunggu aja yeeee).

Well, okay. Actually saya bukan orang yang impulsive (atau sebenernya saya impulsive?), bukan orang yang terlalu spontaneous juga. Saya sebenernya orang yang.. ahem.. a little bit organized. Apa- apa harus bikin list, harus bikin scheduled dulu. Being organized bukan berarti kamar kamu selalu rapi atau rambut kamu selalu disisir atau ngerjain PR tepat waktu,  in my opinion, saya emang orangnya kurang suka kalau ada rencana dadakan. Kata temen-temen saya sih, saya kadang mikirnya kejauhan, misalkan ada rencana bulan April, bulan Januari udah siap siap nih. Mulai dari A-Z saya list satu satu. Saya nyoba lebih bersikap nyantai dan sok cool dihadapan teman-teman *padahal nggak. Pasti bilangnya , "ah iyah, ntar an aja" padahal diam-diam saya udah ngerinci apapun dan udah browsing, cari info, tanya-tanya dan begitulah.

Setiap traveling kemanapun selalu ada pelajaran yang saya dapet, 

Don't be in doubt
Pengalaman saya di Bangkok waktu itu Echyk dan Angga sudah jauh jauh hari mau dinner di Chao Praya Cruise yang kalo dirupiahin kurs na sekitar 1jt rupiah per orang. Waktu itu, entah karena saya yang bawa uang saku kebanyakan atau emang super irit waktu di Phuket dan 
Pattaya, uang saya masih sisa sekitar 2 juta lebih. Echyk dan Angga sudah mantap, emang mereka berdua ini pasangan romantis (gak usah iri yah, hahaha , pasti kalian mikir ini niat backpacking apa honeymoon :D). Saya waktu itu pengen banget, tapi saya jadi keinget titipan oleh-oleh orang sekampung, cukup ga yah kalo beli oleh-oleh cuma satu juta?. Jadi waktu itu kita baru sampe khaosan road jam 2 siang, langsung on the spot cari ho(s)tel. Setelah jalan kesana kemari akhirnya dapat hostel murah yang tempatnya di pojokan masuk gang sempit yang kita sering lupa pintu masuknya lewat mana. 
Pas mau masuk kamar, Echyk tanya sekali lagi, "Yakin Ve, ga mau ikut?". Saya masih galau waktu itu, is it worthy? bla bla bla dsb sampai akhirnya saya bilang, "gak deh mba, aku di hostel aja". Pas saya masuk kamar dan mandi dan balesin sms sms dari orang-orang kemudian tetiba aja saya dapat 'wangsit', okedeh saya ikut dinner aja. Sayang sungguh disayang, dapat wangsitnya telat banget udah jam 4an dan Echyk - Angga sudah pergi dari hostel. Saya coba ketuk pintu dan whatsapp mereka tapi kita emang gak beli nomor Thai, tidak ada jawaban. Jadilah sudahlah saya jadi jomblo ngenes di hostel sendirian.

Fight your fear.
Contohnya apa yah, mungkin kalau di sekitar SEA bisa coba makan sate laba-laba atau kalajengking, Saya udah ke tiga negara yang jualan sate-sate macem begitu, dan belum pernah nyobain. HAHAHA, shame on me. Tapi beneran, ini terlalu menakutkan bagi saya. Mungkin nanti kalau sudah mantapkan hati dan banyakin mengaji, maybe saya mau coba. Eh tapi gak jadi deh, itu kan gak halal *alesan jitu* oke berarti yang satu ini mari kita skip saja. Fight your fear ini banyak macemnya, misalkan saya ini kadang takut kalau jalan malam-malam atau naik public transport sendiri. Ini namanya apa yah? Mungkin karena kebiasaan dari kecil, apa-apa dianterin atau kalo gak bawa kendaraan sendiri atau mungkin saya orang indonesia yang males naik public transport. Traveling saya di Thailand, saya berasa orang kaya kemana-mana naik taxi, melewatkan apa yang namanya naik bus atau BTS. Di Perth, mau naik taxi ke kampus beneran bikin kantong jebol, akhirnya saya kemana-mana harus naik bus sendiri (kadang bareng temen), yang paling gak enak waktu itu hujan deras di Perth dan saya harus pulang sendirian. Mana waktu itu di sekitar kampus UWA banyak galian yang menyebabkan jalan becek trus gak ada ojek trus gak bawa payung. Yasudahlah lengkap. Saya mau pulang duluan karena saya ada janji sama teman. 

Waktu itu naik bus sendirian rasanya agak ngenes gimana gitu (baper karena hujan). Tetiba kangen rumah, kangen sambel pedes dan lain lain, emang kok hujan itu selalu jadi pembawa kenangan *alay mode ON. Kalian pasti ngerasain kan gimana awkwardness nya di negeri orang terus jalan sendirian. Fear saya yang satu ini adalah : loneliness. Mungkin waktu itu saya laper juga dan uang di dalam dompet tinggal  4 dollar yang cukup buat sekali nge-bis (jarak ke kampus saya harus oper 2 bus dari rumah host family). Saya sering felt lonely dan miserable waktu di Perth, entahlah kenapa saya kayak ngerasa jauh banget dari rumah. Kadang erosi hati, kadang excessively happy. But I got through it and I am fine. 

Try something you think you will never do.
"Try" disini mungkin bisa dipersepsikan berbeda bagi tiap tiap orang. Waktu di Banyuwangi saya tiba-tiba langsung bilang yes waktu teman sekelas mau ngajak saya naik Kawah Ijen. Anyway, saya belum pernah naik gunung sebelumnya, dan jujur I am not a big fan of naik naik gunung. Mungkin karena gak ada yang ngajak kali yah, atau mungkin saya mikirnya "Ah, naik gunung pasti capek" wkwkwkw. Tapi waktu itu, mungkin karena efek kopi jagung di Desa Osing yang nikmatnya luaaar biasa, adrenaline saya lagi tinggi. I was thrilled dan saya agak sedikit maksa pengen ikut ke kawah ijen waktu anak-anak mau berangkat (karena saya datang terlambat, saya tidak kebagian seat di mobil). Waktu anak anak minta maaf karena mobilnya gak cukup, yasudah saya nothing to lose, toh saya juga gak bawa equipment seperti jaket atau apapun di dalam tas (waktu itu ada tugas penelitian di Desa Osing Banyuwangi dari kampus). Pas waktu mau tiduran, tibatiba teman saya Fatou dari Senegal membangunkan saya , "Ve, ayo bangun, ayo ikut ke Kawah ijen". Saya langsung sontak said yes dan berangkat. Saya bawa ransel saya yang isinya lumayan berat (kesalahan saya, gak mikir sih langsung aja berangkat haha). Saya langsung duduk di seat dan mobil kita langsung meluncur ke kawah ijen. Waktu itu sudah jam 12.30, saya baru saja datang naik kereta dari surabaya pukul 10 malam dan langsung saja memutuskan "Fine, I am ready to hike the mountain". First timey dan dadakan seperti saya, saya pake jeans, almamater kampus dan sepatu pantopel. Sampai di pos menuju kawah ijen yang udaranya amsyong dingin banget, saya cuma pakai almamater. Teman-teman saya baik sekali mau minjemin saya jaket dan masker, lumayan untuk melawan udara dingin. Waktu perjalanan naik kawah Ijen, yang menurut saya medannya berat dan saya hampir give up (anak gunung pasti ngakak nih), teman-teman saya sangat supportive, saling membantu. That was one of inoubliable moments yang pernah saya dapat *langsung sentimentil*. Saya bolak-balik kepleset dan jungkir balik waktu mendaki, tapi tangan teman teman saya siap ngangkat saya berdiri :'). Teman saya sempet ada yang mimisan dan kita berhenti bolak balik buat istirahat. Kita nyanyi lagu westlife bareng gak jelas dan main tebaktebakan yang super jayus. They were really sweet dan Kawah ijen emang bener bener formidable. Apalagi saya bisa lihat pergantian antara malam dengan matahari terbit, yang susah njelasinnya gimana bagusnya lihat bintang-bintang yang berpendar mulai hilang satu persatu. 

Cerita lucu lain, waktu di Phnom Penh, saya menghadiri Cocktail Party yang disediakan oleh panitia workshop, dan saya gembira sekali karena ada WINEEEEE!!! *mata berkilatkilat* Saya paling suka wine, both red or white, I'll take 'em all , Sir. Saya bukan regular drinker, tapi kalau ada wine gratis saya juga gak bisa nolak. Rosita waktu itu agak hesitated, mau minum wine atau gak, takut mabuk kayakna. Saya jugak gak encourage dia buat nyobain, tapi suddenly dia ambil gelas wine di tangan saya dan kemudian langsung "nyeruput". Komentarnya, "Wine kok enak yah..."

Enjoying every moment to the fullest.
I never go somewhere without plans. Kayakna otak saya selalu ada spaces buat rencana-rencana yang pengen saya lakuin. Ada beberapa yang kesampaian, ada beberapa yang gak. Gak usah terlalu regret, saya gak sempet lihat penangkaran koala di Perth, lumayan menyesal sih, tapi saya bisa lihat kanguru liar di Perth Hill tengah malam dan maybe gak semua orang kepikiran atau ngapain banget tengah malam ke bukit yang sepi dan salah salah bisa di tendang sama kanguru (thanks to my neighbor disana yang surprise ngajakin). Tinggal di Surabaya yang banyak polusi jadi susah lihat sparkling stars malam hari. Di Perth Hill saya enjoy banget duduk duduk liatin banyak sky full of stars dan ngelihat kanguru mondar mandir di semak-semak, dan saya cuma nyapa "hello!" lalu si kanguru malu malu dan kemudian hop hop lari pergi. Waktu di Saigon, saya cuma kepengen jalan jalan tanpa maps, dan cuma pake intuisi nemu post office, notre dame katedral, ben thanh market, war remnants museum malam itu juga. Jadi mikir, maybe when you are least expecting things, great ones would come after. Makin kesini, travelling makin jadi lebih enjoy, santai, dan gak kayak dikejar waktu pas kayak first trip bareng temen di Thailand. Well, perhaps sudah seharusnya seperti itu.

Long way road to Lancelin, WA

Give yourself a little reward or surprise - spontaneously.
Women were born to do shopping. Kayakna sih begitu. Saya jujur tidak seberapa tertarik beli-beli ketika travelling (kecuali ada yang titip, itupun kalau saya lagi gak males buat ke market atau toko suvenir). Tapi satu hal yang ternyata saya lakukan adalah, saya selalu membeli buku di negara yang saya singgahi. Di bangkok, saya beli majalah, di Aussie saya kalap beli 8 buku buat saya dan hadiah buat teman teman di Indonesia. Di Phnom Penh, saya spontan langsung beli kamus Oxford French-english dengan harga 7 dolar. Buku buku yang saya beli mostly memang buku diskonan hahaha. Waktu di bandara Perth, saya kelebihan bagasi yang ternyata 8 buku yang tebel-tebel yang bisa buat lempar anjing itu adalah sebab musabab na. Saya langsung re-arrange koper saya lagi dan saya tenteng 8 buku itu ke kabin. Saya jadi keliatan kayak dork :'>

Begitulah begitu sebagian pengalaman saya yang bisa disimpulkan bahwa being impulsive is totally fine, gak hanya pas travelling saja. Kadang kita butuh yang namanya a little excitement, yang mostly kita dapetin dari hal-hal spontan yang gak kita duga sebelumna. What do you think?