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Minggu, 05 Juni 2016

Does IQ test measure our intelligence?

y'ello folks!

it's been pretty long time since my last writing, well okay let's shoot to the point,
why would I really want to discuss about it, 
we might know that's it pretty arguable and debatable. does our IQ test really measure our intelligence? interesting!

I still remember my first IQ test when I was 11, I got 100, they said I am pretty 'normal' kid, not too bright, not too stupid. a total average.
It was an official test at my junior high school, we needed to answer some kind of questions, mostly pictures. For me, who is very imaginative, I tend to look out from another perspective. I thought this test was ridiculous, and I was pretty reluctant to answer so I just chose the answer mostly without thinking.

My second test was when I was 16, it was when I was at high school, I got 114. Wow? did I evolve much? ahahaha. I don't know, maybe it was because hm...?I put more effort to answer the questions, gladly know several tricks: "answering the questions to please the examiners"

 was it considered as tricks? hm, i don't really know, I guess so. 

My genius bestfriends , most of them, got IQ results more than 120,
I got two best dudes who got 122 and 125, yer they are both geniuses at science and math. 
Honestly, I am not that good at Science and Math, well, I am suck at it.
I tried to search some names who got higher IQ, and most of them are scientists: Newton, Bill Gates, Edison. I found Obama, Bill Clinton, and Bush IQ tests , i am not sure if it's legit or not, all of them got more than 120. except Newton, he got 190.

This kind of talk, I ever asked to my ex-boyfriend raphael, I was pretty ashamed that I told him I only got 114 when I was 16, and he told me his latest IQ test was 131. He studied law and he was not suck at Math. He told me he was not that popular nerd kid at high school but I am kinda sure he was bright.

Then he told me,
"well, Vera, actually it was not really measure how smart you are in general. My first test when I was kid is 111, then I got 118, 120, and the latest was 131. do you think it really measures?"

I am pretty sure IQ test does pay an important role on how we use our logic, but remember we also get EQ, and I had some EQ test before and showed that I am a natural-born leader, but not like a benevolent dictator, but more or less a good decision maker and sensible. 

Could I be a good leader without having higher IQ like Newton or Obama? hm, let's see then. No one can assure our future yet.

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