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Sabtu, 02 Juli 2016

Phnom Penh Airport: Not Like What You Expected But Still...

FYI, I really wanted to visit Cambodia in 2015: Cambodia in my mind, well, I could say.

Then I got info about presenting some researches there and granted for a small fund that costed small budget return tickets.
I conducted a research about education with my partner, Rosita and brought our result there. We presented it in front of Cambodian people, most of them were teachers I guess. We did good, even some people asked us to take pictures with them. I basically don't like taking pictures with people I don't really know, yet I am not a white (stop talking like a Trump) but I was glad and a bit shy when I realised that many people asked us to take pics with them. You know, I felt like being a Kim Kardashian with small tits and I guess I am a little bit smarter than her *smirk*

Rosita and I traveled to Phnom Penh in February, it was a short flight from Kuala Lumpur (only 1.5 hours I suppose) and we were very exhausted after 10 hours walking and exploring Suria Mall and had some fun with old pals there.  First thing I noticed was the airport. Yes, The airport. I don't know how to say, but for a capital city it is very small and a bit messed up. There were some men who did the construction everywhere (guess, it was still in built-up mode) then since I was very sleepy so I walked to the wrong direction and got lost a little while to find the immigration. We asked the security there, and he helped us to the immigration. He couldn't speak English but he was very kind to direct us. It was 7 AM and the airport was very silent. Not so many people went there, compared to the busy bob Juanda airport in the second biggest city where I live.

I like the interior design inside the airport, surprisingly, it was very clean and simple. and I like the toilet HAHAHAHAHA. it was much cleaner than Juanda airport, well maybe because not so many people go there. 

The Immigration

My head was not ready to fill up the visa arrival form so I made a mistake when I wrote down my list. I was very sensitive with list, you know how frightening the Australian Immigration is. I wrote down all my list of belonging, and some old man told me, "just don't list anything, " and he chuckled at me. Well, I didnt know what he meant so I asked, "well, should I leave it blank?", and he said, "Yes".

I ripped my first visa arrival form then took another one from my bag (I asked the stewardess to give me two forms) and Rosita asked me if I had another one (she wanted to rip her visa form too, write a new one). I had none so she approached one of airport officers and asked for a visa form but she got scorned. Poor her! (why all people who work at immigration are very mean!!), then she just scratched her previous list and wrote a new one.

After that, we walked to the immigration line and our passport got stamped. well, then it was time for us to search for our luggage and suitcases then got checked before we leave the airport. I took my luggage and went to a guy whom I thought he would check our luggage. I gave him my visa form and passport also with my suitcase to be checked. 

He smiled. and said "No, you go."

I was baffled. "What?"

He smiled again. "you go"

I guess he couldn't speak any other english words.
"you don't check it?"

He smiled once again, "No" and he gave me the direction to the exit door.

"So, this is it?". I smiled to him and waved my hand to Rosita, "Let's find a taxi"

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