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Minggu, 23 Oktober 2016

The Journey of Simplicity: Nara (part 1)

October is almost leaving ,
Then November is gonna be raining.

I just realised that I haven't touched this blog for more than a month. Well, I was in Japan for 2 weeks and tried to enjoy my autumn experiences there. I went to Japan for a week workshop in a place called Kitakyushu, a small island in the south - close to Fukuoka and 7 hours from Osaka. I will tell you later about my story in Kyushu . But now I am going to share my first solo traveling (well, it's not really that solo, it was a sorta runaway) to Nara.

To be honest, I didn't really enjoy my trip in Japan, almost a week full of workshop, several troubles I had because of bollocks stuff I didn't expect. I stayed there from late September until early October, and I spent a week to explore Kansai province: Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara. Though I know that there are other prefectures I wish I could visit them all, then see, so many things to do and yet so little time. I had wasted 4 days prior to a trash, I didn't really have fun. Though I was happy and grateful that I got a chance to visit and explore Japan. I don't know what happened to me lately, wish I could do many things alone and felt the autumn breeze in Japan. So, I ran away. I was a bit in doubt when I told my friends that I really did want me time; I still woke up late on Friday, and met my friends in the hostel lounge. I convinced them I would be alright, they didn't have to come along, yer they said that they still did not have any plans what they were gonna do on that day. 

I took a quick shower, put my leather jacket on and took the train, to Nara.

I was never really interested going to Japan before. Despite its awesome cakes and delicate dishes, to be honest , Japan was not on my list. But who knew about the future ahead? *smirk. My brother used to live in Osaka for almost 3 years and I got used to have many presents from Japan every time he came back home: play station, shirt, toys, books, dorayaki, chocolates and of course, stories. He told me he really loves Nara, a small place located in Japan, I could tell that is touristic place, but he said, it would amaze you by its simplicity, its ancient, its old smell oaks, its silent. I dared myself to visit there, well Okay, this could be my quality time, and I should indulge my own very self. 

He was right.

Nara's weather is so uncanny, I love it. I told you before that there is a small place called Mandurah (click here for a glimpse story) in Western Australia that I loved the most. Nara is at the same level with Mandurah: small, thoughtful, calm. You don't know why you admire things, somehow, a little thing which looks very normal could make you experience the curious feeling.

because, it is the feeling you can't deny. As I got when I first stepped my feet there, I told you again, Nara is such a solace. 

Whether I was right or not, there was a glance thought that probably I always like something that is simple (or probably every body does like simple stuff, somehow). I enjoyed every single moment I spent alone on train, which was not similar to my journey when I was on trip to Kyoto. The train was not so crowded, it passed through small forest and bridges, rivers, and I still remember I passed  some stations called Oji, and some towns with "-Chi" at the end (hahahah I am getting older baby, it's hard to recall the names). I sat alone , I read a bit on train but I put it off as I mesmerized by the nature of Japan.

You know, sometimes you didn't have to share beautiful things with someone. Just keep it for yourself. Make it your own unshared belonging. You can tell anyone later if you want to but they would not see what you have seen. That's the best selfish act you would have ever done. 


Back to Nara station, I checked my purse and I talked to a guide there what places I should visit (It is common in Japan in which they provide several guides who speak Mandarin, Korean and English - even when in the station or bus'/train announcement as well). Then, she gave me the map, I told her I had no idea where I should go except Naramachi, a strange name I googled a day prior, and it is described as "preserved village" in Nara. She suggested that I should go to bla bla, seeing the deer, seeing the temples, and seeing bla bla bla . She offered a one-day-pass bus ticket but I ignored (I was stupid, you should take it if you wanted to explore more, worth in value). 

My boots were a bit slippery so it was so annoying to walk on them. That's why, I sauntered to the bus stop for tourists, a yellow bus, a Loop bus that will go in circle around Nara. I stepped on and gave the driver 210 Yen to go to terminal 5, Nara Park, which I could walk for 20 minutes instead.  It only took 10 mins by bus to take me to Nara Park and many deer already greeted me there. 

Happiness, Is it?

It was so delightful! a truly peaceful spot with squealing deer. Hahaha
Bambinas were pretty timid unless you gave them crackers, and be careful of meese or goat-deer or Illama (?) -hell yeah I don't know those names- because sometimes they are too aggressive especially with girls :) . You could see the deer master who is in charge to feed them. Well basically, deer there eat almost everything: your crackers, your chocolates, your cake or even you if you smell like biscuits. I didn't buy the crackers, I wanted to attract the deer with my heart and they seemed so ignorant (oh deer! why aren't you 'endeering?') . It didn't need any second to be frolicking with the deer, captured some pictures of them, had a lame selfie (because they never looked at my camera), or just watched people passing by. I saw other tourists, solo travelers perhaps, then smiled at them and pretending to send telepathic message to them , "let's have fun!" when they are a bit disturbed by those hyperactive squealing fellas. 

T'was sunny, that was super fantastic weather and accidentally, my phone captured this:

no filter at all

the sky tone in my hometown has a slight difference with the color tone in Nara.
another simple thing I am fond of: just looking up the sky then feeling the wind.

There is Nara national museum near it and I got 50% discount by showing off my student card : from 600 yen to 300 yen.
The museum itself is pretty astonishing, though it is full of statues and ancient Buddhist sculptures from Japanese, Chinese, and Korean royals in the past. We are not allowed to take any pictures inside it but I had snapped an insightful info :

You weren't even conceived yet, I bet

P.S. It was even better I could practice my French on the board.
After my exploring in the museum was done, I got out and bought Ice bread ice cream for 350 yen. Seemed like, two American guys (I suppose, I guessed it by their accent) were attracted to buy it as well when one of them stared at me eating Macha (green tea) ice cream gruesomely. He smiled at me and damn, actually, I was really shy when a cute guy smiled at me :o). 

Later on, I tried to offer it to little fella whom sat outside the park, as she didn't move his ass off.  However, as usual, some little are very ignorant. I was just tryin' to be nice to her but she gave me her cold-hearted refusal :(. Okay, pretty Bambi, this Macha cream is For Me only!

Lady Bambi ignored my offer

Then I continued my trip to Naramachi .

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