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Sabtu, 14 Mei 2016

a cup of bitter black coffee

"Without cafés and newspapers, it would be difficult to travel. Travel robs us of such refuge. we are completely on the surface of ourselves. But also, soul-sick, we restore to every being and every object its miraculous value. - Camus "

I never knew that the feeling came when you was standing still close to the building, waited for me.

I was nervous back then, it was our first meet-up, after a quite long 'separation'

A separated distance between you and I, Our bizarre "connection" and how easily I could trust you before I got to know you better.

I still remember when you wore that purple shirt, with your blonde hair and crooked smile.
You smiled at me and you said "Hey", and I said, "sorry, I was late" .
I was late because I had too much doubt, like what kind of outfit should I wear, Did I look pretty? 
I realized that it wasn't even a date but don't ask me why I felt in such a way.

Like any usual meeting, the first time I saw your blue eyes and noticed the way you talked (which was a bit uncanny, but in a good way) I listened to all your stories.

You even showed me your photobox picture that you took with your friends in January, nine months prior to your coming. I sipped a cup of coffee and you ordered a cup of hot tea. You were surprised when you knew I could stand for a bitter black coffee, Well, I thought you finally knew that I was a bit weird. I was astonished too, that we could chat much, as usual we did on the phone before you came. I felt the connection between us, I know it was strange. I was a little baffled too, was it something?

I bought you a box of patisseries, assuming that you were hungry when you went back in your hotel room near the airport. You said if I wanted to accompany you to move your "stuff" to your new apartment tomorrow. I said okay, I gladly to help you organizing your things for your new life here.

So, we spent the whole afternoon at the mall, we ate Udon, I dropped the chili powder and we laughed. Then we talked again with so many things I couldn't explain here all:  your hometown, your sister, your brothers, your nephew and niece, my friends, and sorta things about philosophical things in this capricious life.

I was afraid it was too fast, to pull you into my riddle mind, I was scared you wouldn't understand what I was blabbering about.

We went back home and I gave you my first hug. This palpable feeling that I couldn't describe, how it was that great to finally embrace you. 

I came to your new flat and you let me came into your door before you. You had already opened up your suitcase and barely tidied up your clothes.

I dated several guys before, you were the first guy who treated me like a "lady",  being a "ladies first", you even opened the taxi door for me, let me ate your drink and food first. Honestly, most guys didn't treat me like that on first date, strangely we didn't even on a date.  

Then, we laid on your bed, you laid on your bed with your feet stuck on the floor, so I said, "hey, this is your bed, just hop on here". You shook your head and chuckled, then I forced your feet to be on bed and finally you were next to me.

We made fun of people from the fifteenth floor, we laughed, we mocked, I even played your hair and our eyes met. Something was struck on my mind. I was mesmerized by your pale blue eyes which I was really fond of. We kissed. That was our first kiss and we both smiled. 

If you could say how it felt to kiss a new guy at the first time, it was like.. I don't know. Frightened, Elated, Ecstatic, I wanted to do it again but I was too ashamed, so I just said sorry. If you realized too that It felt so wrong, it felt so right.

You didn't say any words but smiled to me, and here came the silent. We stopped for a while and I could feel that your fingers touched my body. You embraced me, and I also did to you  like a little girl. We kissed again, and you eventually said words, "It feels so good". I presumed that my cheeks blushed red, and I couldn't even reply your statement. But I kissed you again.

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