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Rabu, 20 Januari 2016

Major throwback: a whimsical night in Pattaya

Salut folks!
It seems like I don't know how to use this blog properly. This isn't a travel blog nor fashion blog. Well, you could reckon this as ... blabbering non-useful one. Hahaha. Whatever.

Since I cannot sleep tonight (I am sorta being a nocturnal recently), I am gonna share a story about my journey in Thailand.

cheap ticket for kids

I had been in Thailand September 2013 with my good friend, Echyk, and her boyfriend Angga. Those couple are ... I would say, lovely ones even though I witnessed so much bickering during our trip, but it was a hell lots of fun.

I met Echyk in 2009, we both were part-timers at some language course, I never thought that we could be that close after we both quit the job. She now works at some Elite hotel in my city. We still catch up sometimes, and in 2012, I still remember that moment when I had an idea to backpack with her.

We ate pizza at some mall, and I suddenly uttered my idea about that backpacking stuff. 
FYI, it was a crazy idea though.
Remember, in 2012 I was a fresh graduate, jobless, and didn't have much money to travel abroad. Guess. It was just a lame chat with her and she took it seriously,
still recalled that she said,  

"Don't worry, we will find a way to go to Thailand"

Echyk never went abroad before, didn't really fancy about traveling stuff (who knew that now she travels a lot with her boyfriend!- dreamy eh?)

Why Thailand?
hmm.. I am not sure. Because maybe, I spent much time adoring Phi Phi Island from The Beach movie starred by Leonardo DiCaprio. Thailand is exotic, and it is a bit far  in distance from Indonesia (hahahahha, this is a dimwit conclusion). Aaaaaaaaaaaaand, they said it is a true call for low-budget travelers!!

Traveling abroad was not that popular among my friends in my university back then, only several kids could afford that. Anyhow, travel needs money, indeed. But, you could manage it with a perfect itinerary plan (which I never have and never plan, totally screwed!).

Voila! in early 2013, miracle happened. I got money in my bank account (I won't ever tell you how I got that, no no, not from working neither from my parents! hahahaha). I met Echyk again for the second time talking about our postponed plan. Echyk was single in 2012, at that time I met her again, she already had a boyfriend, Angga, who worked in the same hotel as her. 

It was previously our plan, two girls conquered the world, sauntering the universe.
Then suddenly, Echyk told me that Angga "forced" her to join the trip.
I was doubtful, because I never knew him, on the other hand, she convinced me that Angga wouldn't make any trouble (which was wrong. Muahahhaha xD )

I met Echyk and Angga at some local cafe in the following month, planning our trip, 
we got (finally) cheap tickets, two way rounds for $150 or IDR1,700,000 by Air Asia.
We browsed on Agoda, clicked this clicked that, We just believed on the pictures that the hotels gave us.  We even planned to have our first cruise on Chao Praya bla bla bla, buggering off, wrote all the stuff down, meanwhile...

we arrived in Don Muang Airport at night, approximately at 8pm. Thailand immigration was okay, they didn't really check our luggage.  I was totally elated and we took pictures of us before we came out from the airport.

WHICH WAS....A LONG QUEUE that we found. So many many foreigners were in line waiting for a taxi. Fuckity fuck! we never thought that we would face something like this. I hate waiting on line, and the queue was unbelieveable. Moreover, I was a little bit confused because of what I read on internet, we were supposed to find a bus to go to the city, but we were puzzled, which bus? plus no internet connection and too dumb to use google maps, honestly our mobile phones were not that sophisticated.

Angga suggested us to wait in line, but Echyk disagreed. Echyk was pretty tired and she was upset. Me?
ah I was just watching them brawling about how to get to Pattaya at night. Our itinerary is Pattaya- Phuket -Phi Phi - Bangkok - Home.
HAHAHAH, you might say that we were out of mind, or maybe some of you would say this is a total whooz plan.

In a sudden, Angga did a VERY INSANE action, he stopped a taxi in front of the airport, OUT OF THE LINE, so he basically STOPPED , HE STOOD IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET AND STOPPED THE TAXI. *whoohoo, big applause Angga!*

The taxi stopped suddenly and the driver opened the window, and Angga shouted, "PATTAYA! PATTAYA! WE GO TO PATTAYA!"

As you should know, Angga's language skill of English is not good but he got a big courage to stop the taxi and shout. I really appreciated it.

"WHAT?" asked the Taxi driver

Echyk helped Angga in a minute, she spoke to the driver, and and something uncanny happened, 
the taxi driver actually wanted to go home (his duty was finished) and I don't have any clue why the taxi driver agreed to take us to Pattaya. The price was fantastic (yes, for us, the poor kid travelers), TBH1500 , but ONCE AGAIN, Angga haggled it , even he couldn't speak very well, told the driver in such an alien way, it only costed TBH 1300! Yiippiee finally! Let's hop in !

Say hello to our nice driver: Angga took his first pic in Thailand. I call it "Angga Protection Program"

Mr. San, our taxi driver was a very nice guy. The first thing I do like when I am abroad with friends from my home country is , I will speak Bahasa because I know that no one can understand except us HAHAHAHAHAHHA. Gossiping is included, *shrugs*. HAHAHHA BRUTAL!

Mr. San asked us where we came from, I was lazy to answer because I was busy sight-seeing Bangkok highway. So, Angga answered him, 

"Indonesia, Indonesia, you know Indonesia??"

Mr. San could speak English, with his lovely accent and he said that he liked tourists from Indonesia. Indonesia is nice, according to him, even he had not a chance to visit our country, but from what he described , he was kinda resourceful guy.

It only took 2 hours trip to go to Pattaya, I didn't really pay attention because I was in between : asleep or awake. It was a  fine drive though, I may say that I love Bangkok at night. Pretty much the same like Jakarta, that was my first opinion.

When we arrived in Pattaya, Mr. San was confused about our ho(s)tel. We picked a quite nice place (we thought) and it turned us down because the ho-s-tel was like in the middle of slum area. 

Mr. San took our luggage and we walked onto a narrowed street , very small one and dark.

We were disappointed but we did not have anywhere else to stay over. ACCEPT IT BITCH! just an advise, don't believe what you have seen on Internet guys, Reality is a bitch. It looks good but it is not, and vice versa.

Being the third wheel in some backpacking trip, has its pros and cons (will do the next session for it, sorry Echyk :p) But I tell you later about it muahahha xD

In 10 minutes after we checked in and put our carriages, we strolled around the neighborhood. We were famished and low-budget so we just bought a SUPER YUMMY NOODLE (sorry, can't read in Thai, but it was truly delicate) . Only TBH60 for fuckin' mouthwatering noodle, YAY! BLESS YOU THAI PEOPLE.

Trop miam, can't talk won't talk while eating

 After that, we continued our steps, no maps, just walk, and we discovered many "whimsical" things. More bars and clubs and pubs, another yummie food once more, lady boys who winked their eyes to Angga and catcalled him (whahahah, no guys catcalled Echyk and I, what a failure). Then we halted again to try some seafood satay, oh my this one is FANTASTIC too, spicy, and well-grilled and cheap!

Grill up, grill up!

I bought two satays and helped the Satay guy to grill his satay (hahaha, I was just curious", I am sorrryyy).  Pattaya is an absolute night life, and we were just  decent youngsters who were scared to sit at bars.
*major spits*.
We walked for an hour and found the beach, we wanted to try Tuktuk but it was really expensive so we bailed out. We just sat on the beach at midnight and felt the wind. It was fair enough. :)

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