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Senin, 18 Januari 2016

A gummy poetry

Just random thoughts when I got nothing to do with full ideas on my mind.
No judging please, I (still) know nothing what I am talking about.

Home is where our heart is (Love, Rosie)

#Verse 1

Love is chemistry
It is not about eyes meet eyes
Lips meet lips
It is heart that sees
Someone's personality

Love means friendship
You don't need to declare
All you have to do is to build a strong companionship
And a true heart that always cares

But so far that I have learnt
Love is not an ownership
I love you, doesn't mean that I own you
Well, you don't need to worry
Cause I don't really care
As long as I am around you
I feel so endeared

#Verse 2

And when everyone said
you are the only guy who passes behind
To me, you are the ecstasy that screwed my mind
I was an Echo, who always screamed out your name
Though I knew that you never came

Then if you are a guilt,
That would be the greatest one I have ever built
I just want you to believe
That I adore you that much
Like Ephonine adores Pontmercy

I want you so bad
Like a convict begs for mercy
So let it be,
If it grew day by day
This affection I might say
Cause you will be the only memory
Which I cannot replay

#Verse 3

When a ballad song 
doesn't catch your conscience
Than a lame poetry 
wouldn't make anymore sense
So I guess, I'd better visit the saved room
Where I put all my fantasies
My erotic thoughts in gloom
With all my own elusive entity

There would I spend
The whole night alone and lament myself
Thinking, why did I meet your soul
If you are not destined to alter my life .

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