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Minggu, 24 November 2013


you are cutie.. and everyone can't deny it.
you are the perfect thing i ve ever seen, and you know that .
you are like my brother, you did good things to me .
you always share stories, and i am a child who always believes in everything you say.

you look nice, i like your smile, your dimples, your curly hair, your skin.
i like the way you sleep, the way you dress up, the way you speak, the way you laugh,

you were mine
and i still cannot believe it, keep questioning it, why did you love me? did you really exist? or was it just a conspiracy?
you loved me, you had no reason for it, that was you said it.
and i said, "i love you, too. you are all that i wish"

we were just a boy and girl in love, i loved you, you loved me, we were happy lovebirds.
everyday i sent you mushy poetry
everyday i could not stop thinking about you,
everyday i sang a cheesy love song to you,
at midnight, i called you and asked, "do we see the same moonlight?"

but, we are not together anymore, you walk on your own, and i keep sauntering my path.
there is no traces but the memories, your pics on my laptop, and your bad smelly shirt.

and that is all the shitty things we said, "we can still be good friend after this" has been forgotten.
cause i know, or maybe you feel it too, every time we meet and talk would recall our reminiscence.
then we agreed that "get a life" and "mind your own business" are the proper words to remain.

years past, and probably i realize that i was too young and too dumb in love with you.
perhaps you were just a part of my beautiful obsessions.

now you move on, so do I.
and there is nothing to regret, i can assure it.
only when the rain comes, the petrichor will resonance this memory ever and ever again. But promise you, i would not be sad,
because someday, we'll retell this story whilst drinking coffee and make jokes of it.
and say, "Gee, still can't believe what we had done when we were just youngster! What a folly but fancy at the same time!"

welly welly well yes,
love can be so funny :)

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