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Rabu, 11 Desember 2013

a review of my first writing

i started to write a short story , a horror one, when i was 8 yo. i still remember, my brother bought me so many Goosebumps novels and i was so infatuated with them. RL stine is a great author, and i could say, he is one of my inspirations to write a novel when i was kid.

i loved to create fictional characters using my friends' names, or borrowing one of their prominent characteristics, or just secretly "spilled" their secrets in my stories, hahhaha. but this one i never forget is the novel i had created when i was 11 to 12 yo (during primary six to secondary one) about a vicious circle of love.

first of all, i wrote that novel was because i was inspired one of the movies i watched (i forget the title :/ it was a Hollywood - unpopular indie movie) and there was a character named Randy. Randy in that movie, was a popular and rich guy, and he dated most of girls in high school but he secretly loved a nerd girl but he couldn't reach a nerd girl he really liked, :/

from that moment, during the long holiday and nothing to do (because in 2002 i didn't have mobile phone, no laptop, and i was easily bored when i watched TV- TV sucks somehow-ah yes i know :/) that was the time i started writing my very first novel (it contains 102 pages btw :p)

the story is about Sabrina , a 14 yo girl who adored a cute lad (and also a football player) named Randy Montana (i swear, it happened before Hannah Montana itself exist!). Because Randy was very popular, Sabrina or Sabs was afraid to approach him, and only saw him from a far. and one thing changed Sabs' life when she lent Randy her homework. Randy thought that Sabs was cute and sweet girl and since then Randy always tagged along whenever she went. He called Sabs every night and asked her out to eat Ice cream together (it's a nice date for a junior high student, believe me :p). In fact, Randy never told her that he loved her, because he was too afraid and too shy to confess.

on the other hand, Mark, the smartest guy in the class, and also Sabs' good friend, felt jealous when he knew that Randy was in love with Sabs. He knew Randy's secret: Randy ever kissed a girl named Kate in the girls toilet :/ (i know it's suck hahahha). Mark told Sabs that Randy was a playboy and he was not good enough for Sabs, however, she didn't believe him. And suddenly Sabs witnessed Kate kissed Randy in front of his locker room. :o
Sabs was very angry and cried but she couldn't do anything, Randy knew it and chased her but he lost her. Randy apologized but she didnt accept it, "it's too late" she said. Randy told her that Kate forced him to do that thing.

Three days later, Sabs met Tom, a 17 yo high school student who played guitar at her school concert. Tom is mature and seductive, and he saw Sabs was alone in the canteen and he approached her, asked her name and her phone number. Later, Tom visited her house, brought a cute teddy bear as a present, and asked her for a date. They went out to watch movies, and they met Mary, Sabrina's good friend who was very excited and a fan of Tom. Mary thought Sabs flirted Tom and asked him for a date, and she was surprised when Tom explained to her that he wanted the date, not Sabrina. Mary was a bit sad, why wasn't her to have a date with Tom? but she only kept it and never spitted it out.

Later, on the way home, Tom kissed Sabrina in the car, it was her first kiss, Randy hadn't kissed her yet (too bad randy!), then Tom asked her to be his girlfriend. Unfortunately, Sabs couldn't answer it because she still had a feeling for Randy. Tom said, he could wait for the answer.

in the classroom, Mark felt pity about Sabs, because she looked pale, sick, and sad (it was because she was confused about choosing Randy or Tom). he asked why, and she explained all things that happened to her. Mark realized that there was no opportunity to get Sabs' heart so he decided to help her to reconcile with Randy.

Moreover, Randy knew that Tom tackled him, he dated Sabs and it made Randy furious. He came to Tom's school and punched him on his face, then Tom beat him too. In the final,  Tom won the fight (yeah, Tom was taller and more muscular than Randy :p).
Sabs knew that Randy was hospitalized after Tom beat him, and she looked after him and took care of him at hospital. Randy told her that he loved her so much and didn't want her to leave, he asked her to stay with him.
Then she said yes, she loved him too, since the very first time on the first day of school.

Sabs called Mark and told all about the recent story, Mark wanted to meet her at the basketball court. There, Mark confessed his feeling but it was fine if Sabs didn't want him too. Mark liked her  since second grade, and his feeling stayed the same. in the end of story, they remained good friend.

cheesy love story when i was just a kid, and well, i should re-write and publish it i guess :/

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