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Rabu, 31 Oktober 2012

Prom Date


I was crying when I was in the library, which no one knew, even there were lot of people, and of course the silence books. I did not ever know why he dumped me. Maybe my love was not enough for him, because he thought that I was too ordinary. I could not concentrate; the papers were ignored by me on the table. Davis, my brother, sent me ten messages, and I didn’t reply them at all. I knew, he was looking for me, would pick me up and offered me to take a walk or just hanging around, watched him and his band playing in Burstast Coffee. But, I did not want to go.
Someone patted my back; she was Mrs.Garner, a nice librarian whom brought about three thick books in her hold. She smiled at me,
“Why are you crying, sweetie?” She said.
I unleashed my glasses then cleaned my eyes, tears were lining down. “Nothing,” I answered.
She put the books on the desk behind me, and sat next to me. “Do you need someone to share?” She asked meaningfully. Because I was the regular visitor here, she might be familiar with me.
 “Oh, don’t cry. Let me think that I could help you.” She said with low voice then she took something from her pocket skirt. “Well, I guess. It is about the Prom, am I right?”
She still hid the mysterious thing in her hold, a second later she showed what it was, “Here, is my nephew, you could offer him for the Prom, tomorrow night.” She explained. There was a mini-photograph of a young man, handsome and clearly face, right closed-up at it. His black glasses, added his stunning gesture.
“Are you surprise?” She asked me.
“Yeah, how...” I could not describe it. I was just speechless. How could she know that I needed a prom date after I was confused and frustrated because of Hayden, my ex-boyfriend. He and I broke-up, for sure he dumped me, though it was closer to the Prom Night. I should have recognized that a guy like him, or everybody called Mr. Famous-looks-for-love-till-you-drop could not be faithful to his mate.
I was just an ordinary girl and lucky to get him. Until I realized that we were separated because he wanted to look for some other pretty gals. I must have known that Davis did not like him, and tried to offer some of his co-band guys to have a date with me. Instead of accepting it, I told him to choose one of hot chicks who always chased himself down.
 “And then?” Mrs.Garner repeated. I looked at her face, and nodded my head.
“So you say yes, Sharma?” She was staring at her nephew photographs and laughed, “Problem solved” She continued. I bet she really knew me very well or I doubted that she had a psychic skill.
“What a shame...I, I actually need a date, although my brother will take me there...” I replied. “Yes, I need him”. 
Then she just answered thoroughly and looked at my face, “It’s Okay, so you want to pick Jensen up?”
“Me? Pick him up?” I said wondering.
“Yes, pick him up. He’s a new comer here; he doesn’t know your college, even this town. I suggest you to get him for some great places” She made clear on it.
“Well, I pick him up at seven.” I exclaimed. And with no feeling in my head, I just decided it, maybe in a hurry, I guessed.
“Ah, Sharma, you should thank to me! I guarantee he won’t disappoint you, he’s a lovely kid.” She tried to convince me. I just chuckled and thanked for her kindness. I really wished that I had a sweet prom, and Jensen would not let me down and cover my heart from Hayden’s memory.
At D-day, I rode Black Chevy and went to pick Jensen up at Mrs.Garner’s house. It was Davis’ car; he lent it after I told him that I got a special date from ‘the stranger’. He actually did not care about this stuff, he informed that he was going to attend the prom but he would come along with his band where they would play there at 9 am.
I wore my classy tube dress, and he said that I was amazing and I deserved the best prom date, ever. He also remembered me not to miss The Ay-Caramba, his rock band, about to play on stage.
I parked my car exactly in front of Mrs.Garner’s house. I could see obviously, a cute guy whose black tuxedo and British haircut sat besides the window pane. I was so anxious, was he Jensen? How would this prom go ahead with him?. Oh, I was so terribly nervous. Then Mrs.Garner opened the door.
“Are you ready, Sharma?” she smiled at me. I smiled back at her.
She called a guy inside the house. I knew that he was Jensen. He woke up from his seat, and then came out with his walking cane.
A walking cane?
He was a fine-looking guy, and if I wasn’t mistaken, he must have had muscular body inside his tuxedo. But his walking cane made me trembling.
“I’m sorry. Are he blind?” I spoke in shiver voice.
“Oh, honey. He was blind. But believe me, he will treat you right tonight. Is it a matter to you?” Mrs.Garner questioned me back.
I only sighed. Stand still. And shocked.
Mrs.Garner reached his hand and directed him to me. I could see his two eyes: beautiful and unfocused. They had a shady black spot under.
“Now, you can take him into your car.” Mrs.Garner advised. I helped him getting in my Chevy and suddenly I felt dire, I was full of hatred. She lied to me. Liar, liar, liar! She gave me a blind guy with his cane?  I swore that I did want it, I was punked!
“I hope we’re having fun.” He spoke besides me.
I was just quiet and did not respond. He was humming for a second then he offered his hand to me, “I’m Jensen”.
“Sharma” I just held his hand without shaking.
I was overrated! I ruined myself tonight! I could have been embarrassed because of bringing him to College prom, as my date. We talked in silence during on the way to the prom. I mentioned no word until I parked my car and opened the door for him. He thanked to me, and I seized his hand, trying to direct his steps.
He started the conversation, but should I care? I just focused on my own, when my eyes met with Hayden’s profile, and his new girlfriend. Their hands were holding each other.
“Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Sharma!” He shouted. He played innocent, pretending that we had nothing matter.
We stopped; he approached us and stared at Jensen’s cane.
“Is he your new...”
“Friend!” I cut his word, “Just Friend.” I gave him my cynical smile.
“A blind friend? For Prom date, eh?” he gasped. His dark brown eyes stared at me sharply.
I could only turn my face down. I felt suck.
“Have a wonderful party.” Hayden continued his sentence. He waved his hand and skipped around with his red-haired girl. I was totally offended. Was that a great moment? Oh yeah, meeting your ex-boy with his beautiful chick and you got nothing? It was wonderful!
“Sharma?” Jensen called me. “ Are you okay with me?”. His voice was indistinctly.
“I am okay.” I shot to the point.
We both went through the big auditorium. That was really a huge party. Some disco balls above, the flashing and sparkling light and people enjoyed The Ay-Caramba’s song titled “Baby, I love your best friend”. The audience shouted, screamed, and some of them dancing like hot worms.
“That’s my brother Davis.” I explained to Jensen.
“Who? Where?” he asked.
Oh, Stupid me! Of course he could not see Davis on stage.
“He is the one who sings the song. Can you listen to them?” I said and my finger pointed right on the stage.
“Oh, I listen. Great voice,” he smiled.
When the band had finished their song, Davis came down from the stage and I rose my hand up. He moved forward to me.
“Sharmaaaaaaa... a little bit late!” He was in a hurry, grabbed my clutch bag so fast and took the car key inside.
“I take it. Ted’s car has some troubles. I need my car; we got to go to the next Cafe. Job calls! You can go home with your date, huh?” he said in riot voice.
“Davis... I… Can’t!” I could not tell him that I came with a blind guy.
“With your date!” he chopped and chuckled. Jensen was blocking him, so he did not see the eyes. “Have a great party! I must go now!” .Then he smooched my cheek and went away.
The music turned on to jazz tune. It was time to dance. And for that moment I discerned it would make me sense the torture.
“Sharma, do you wanna dance?” Jensen patted my shoulder.
“Huh?” I shocked.
“Oh, I would be tainted if you don’t wanna help me dancing.” He laughed.
The music played “Moon River” song. We danced slowly. I directed his hands to getting my hip and I bonded my arm to his neck.
“Don’t choke me.” He joked.
That time was the time which people called ‘I don’t feel like dancing’ thing. I just realized when I looked at the corner side; I saw Hayden with his girl hugged each other tightly. I watched them kissing, and lucky me, he waved his hand at me after he kissed her. I just closed my eyes. Silly! My heart was destroyed, outraged, and my tears were falling down from my eyes.
“Sharma?” Jensen whispered in my ear.
“I wanna go outside. I’m sick of this!” I roared roughly.
I took his walking cane which was under my feet and gave it to him. We went outside, sat on the bench. I cried, loudly. This was my first time crying in front of a stranger.
“What’s wrong?” He asked me. Though he heard my groaning, he could not notice my crying face. His eyes were unfocused in searching my body around.
“I’m badly hurt and no one can cover me!” I grunted.
“Sorry, sorry, if I hurt you” He said spontaneously.
“No, not you actually . Sorry, I had a personal problem” I confessed.
He turned his face down, seemed like he tried to touch my face. He had flawlessness on his expression; he was so attractive despite his blindness. Honestly, he had pretty green eyes as if those things could see. Then, he took off his tuxedo and gave it to me, “Take it, I know it’s cold here. If you wanna be alone, I can get a cab for myself”.
“No!” I shouted. “I don’t wanna go home, and my car has been taken by my brother, I just don’t wanna be alone!”
He nodded his head and once again, we spoke in silence. He let me alone in my solitude. Yet, he knew that I did want to make a conversation. I just wanted to think my stuff about Hayden in my own mind. I felt so much pain, I wished I could have grabbed my pillow. I took a look at him; He was sleeping besides me, laid his back on the bench. At a glance, I never thought that I would lay my head on his chest. But, I did, I intended to do it. It was soft, warm and I could hear his heart beating.

The sunshine was flaring through, twinkled my eyes as I opened it.
But, where was I?
I did not realize till someone in front of me, the driver, said “Good morning”.  I moved my head aside; there was Jensen, and he was lying next to me.
“You are in Mr.Buckley’s car”
I gasped. I worried. I was afraid. Did I wake up in Jensen’s car? Then I felt something was holding my hand.
“Thanks” Jensen said with his deeply voice.
“You..!” I shocked. I could not utter a word.
“Yeah, I’m Jensen Buckley and I’m not blind!” he laughed. He touched my face, I was nervous. He was more handsome than before, and he was NOT BLIND! How could it be?
“I’m on shooting a film here in this town, rolling as a blind man. Oh, That’s pathetic.” He scorned himself. “Then I had to cut my hair like Paul McCartney.” He laughed. All of sudden, my face automatically changed like a red plum, I was shy and I felt the excited feeling in my heart.
“And Mrs.Garner was a great woman, a good theater teacher. She helped me to improve my character; she advised me to screw the crowded place and also people like you! Cool! I cheated on them” He continued.
“Yeah, that was a great success” I murmured.
“Thanks for helping me, too. For taking me to your prom nite.” He spoke in a lovely tone.
His beautiful eyes stared at me, and unexpectedly he kissed me. I felt his cherry lips, so smooth and soft. For the second time, I swore it was too good to ignore. Maybe, it was too good to be true. It was so amazing. We kissed and touched each other face until his car stopped at Mrs.Garner’s house.
That was all, about my Prom nite story. That was the best prom nite after I ever had! Davis felt sorry about leaving me on the Prom, he was a little bit shocked because of a Limo was parked in front of my lawn, but I told him that was okay. I told him about what happened yesterday. I was happy to say this to him: “I got a very, very, very special date”. Maybe, Davis was right that I deserved to have the best date, ever.       

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