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Rabu, 04 Juni 2014


I was just wondering why..

coincidence really does exist.

Yesterday i met them. Today i meet you. Or probably tomorrow i would meet someone who is much more interesting than all people I have ever known.

Let us think that how many people that actually do not give a fucking care about you anymore. How many people that you know as "ex-best friends", "ex-boy/girlfriend", or any "ex- whatever" you might call it.

Universe sometimes gives you a tricky game to play, also gives you playful people to frolic with.

Have you ever thought about how many opportunities will you get everyday to just meet some new people?

then you hang out with them, go to the beach together, seeing the ships at the south pier, drink coffee together, talk with them on a silly video call, texting, gossiping, tell your dirty little secrets,

you really get to know to each other.

On their birthday, you give them sweet present. When you are bored, happy, sad, or have some unimportant news, they are on your top list to share with.

you are attached to them. And you think they would feel the same way as you do.

Your life has changed. You are happy because you are surrounded by them.

On the contrary, somehow, people change. You don't exactly know why they have changed. You keep thinking, why oh why, they become so strange like you don't know them anymore. They hold back, or maybe it's you who is back off. Well, most of us were not born as a good mind-reader, therefore, we keep asking then blaming ourselves for what we did. Although, you don't know what you actually did which make them totally avoid you.

Shit happens, dude. First, we know them as a stranger or acquaintance. Next, we grow something up that we could call it "friendship", "relationship", "partnership" and sometimes, some people feel that those "-ship" terms jeopardize them. Perhaps, they are just afraid, they hesitate, or they are just unmotivated and can't see what is good about these "-ship" (s) anymore.

The result is they don't want to have fun with you anymore.
No reason, no saying any words.
Worst case, they delete you on any social networks.

But, you still keep their contact numbers, their emails, their address, sometimes you send them messages telling that you miss them and hoping that someday they will come back to see you.
Just so you know, only time will tell about it.

Do not worry, there are still some people who will always by your side, no matter what. Those people are pointless, maybe, because they don't know either why they still keep you, talk with you, hang out with you, kiss you, hug you, support you. They don't have any particular reason why they are happy to get along with you even most of time you make mistakes.

well, love is something that you cannot easily decipher.

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